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The annual meeting of the company​

The annual meeting of the company


Farewell to the year of the horse we will usher in Ten thousand steeds gallop., bursting with happiness sheep. The wheels of time pass by, leaving behind a deep impression. The bell of new year is going to ring. On this occasion, the company held the annual New Year's dinner. Dinner time in the year at noon, with warm sunshine, laughing all the way, we came to the dinner venue.


During the New Year atmosphere, New Year speech toast each other, we have to each other can be heard without end, send a beautiful New Year blessing, wine does not intoxicate, in a laughter in the new year we finished dinner.


There are still a few days to be the Spring Festival. Xiaobian is going to give you an early visit here. I wish you all the best in the new year. The year of the sheep! Wish our zhonglida and customers to flourish! Red and red fire! In the past year, under the joint efforts of all employees in the company, in the General Lee under the leadership of all our public power Master struggling to provide quality services to customers, has also made proud achievements, and we always expect that to grow up together with the customers, mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit; looking ahead to a in infinite hope.  


Looking back on 2014, we have the effort and pride of the year. Outlook 2015, we will make persistent efforts with this pride. As long as we have a dream, a pursuit, a passion, the company will be better tomorrow.