16 years focused on the development and production of sofa machine

From the customer's praise -CNC contour cutting machine ZLDJX

From the customer's praise -CNC contour cutting machine ZLDJX

our factory to produce the CNC contour cutting machine


Sofas, mattresses and pillows are necessities of our lives, and I can provide you with the tools for making these daily necessities, Our company  has become a private high-tech enterprise which focuses on sofa machinery, sponge/foam machinery, packaging machinery, home textile machinery research, design, production and sales.


We have 16 years of export experience and also a leader in the textile industry. Global trend is growing, we are also constantly blaze new trails, and constantly improve product performance, and continuously improve the quality of service.

 our clent's buy the CNC contour cutting machine

August 18, we visited the former old customer - general manager of Yihua, they said: "Our CNC contour cutting machine is of good quality, the use of this machine for them to save a lot of labor costs, high efficiency , Cutting the high precision, the future will continue to cooperate with us to buy some other needs of the home textile machine. "

Professional production-CNC contour cutting machine


Yes, we can get the customer's approval, we are very happy. We have always adhere to the "treat people with a letter to quality service to customer satisfaction for the purpose of" principle. I believe ZHONGLIDA tomorrow will be more brilliant.