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textile machinery business

textile machinery business

2017 has been in the past half a year, the 6-8 months, the entire machinery industry in the off-season, orders than monthly average orders less, This can be seen from the performance of several textile machinery listed companies. Jwtm, Cixing shares of the company to the textile machinery business income appeared to a certain degree of decline in the first half of Jingwei Textile machinery textile machinery business revenue growth for -7.73%, Hengtian Lixin textile machinery business revenue growth for -8%, Jin Ying shares textile business revenue increase of -15.65%.

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However, from the announcement of these 6 listed companies, we can see that some textile machinery enterprises have steadily improved through technology and further application of high-tech means. The first half of jwtm net profit increase of 43.32%, Cixing shares an increase of 217.62%, an increase of 63.01% refinement technology.

From the data collected by all parties, in the second half of this year, the textile machinery enterprises will improve their performance through some measures. Jingwei Textile Machinery said, with the company's main textile machinery market share continued to rise, the overall order has improved significantly, is expected in the second half will also be reflected in the performance.

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This has given us a great deal of inspiration, enterprises should adhere to the principle of "treat people by letter, serve people with quality and aim at customer satisfaction". Zhonglida Machinery Co. Ltd. is continuous innovation, and constantly improve product performance, improve service quality, I believe zhonglida the future will be better.